Verkaufsleitung der Marken: Baleno Mullion Pinewood Treksta Råå-Design® Sentz


Pinewood Outdoor Kollektion ist eine schwedische Bekleidungsmarke für aktives Outdoor-Leben. Wir haben ein breites Sortiment, sei es für Wandern in den Bergen, auf einem Angelausflug, Jagen oder Hundetraining.



We live as we learn, not a distant brand but instead at the heart of reality. Rooted in Småland, we are a family where everyone belongs. Everything we do is for real, we are one with our consumers. Each seam in each garment is designed with experience, expertise and care, in Värnamo. Our inspiration comes from how folks actually do things, not from how we want them to do. We are driven by common sense, stubborness, curiosity and a bit of Småland’s ingenuity. Proud to be local – in Småland, Sweden. Community is a strength. Pinewood is the result of determined collaboration.

We know this. We love this.


At the heart of reality.